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Elena Casadei with carboys

A novel enterprise

Elena Casadei

“One summer spent in the vineyards and winery and I fell in love. With enology, with the world of wine, and with amphorae."

Elena well knows what “returning to the roots to see the future” means. Working in the family winery she soon realized that she had never been so happy. The cellar quickly became her haven, and when her father entrusted her with the first Georgian amphorae, she instantly grasped their immense potential. These vessels, she sensed, were the means to create brand-new wines: Le Anfore di Elena Casadei.
Elena’s story

Stefano Casadei traveled to Azerbaijan in 2000, and was intrigued by the Georgian amphora wines. A true scientist, he couldn’t resist. And so the first amphorae arrived at Castello del Trebbio.

“Daddy told me to look after the amphorae. That’s how I learned”. Elena mastered the art on the job and understood that by using amphorae she could make natural, authentic wines. Amphorae would allow her to craft spontaneously fermented fruit-driven wines able to enhance the character and quality of the grapes grown on the three family estates, and their unique terroirs. Her wines would be unlike all others, express her vision, and exalt Famiglia Casadei’s BioIntegrale philosophy.
Amphora wines express my vision of winemaking. Nurturing the soil using environment-conscious farming practices to grow healthy grapes, and transform them naturally into crisp, fruity, elegant wines. Inspired by tradition and forward-looking, Elena’s view of winemaking yields unique wines that heighten each variety’s distinctive traits, terroir, and vintage, and reveal their creator’s pioneering objective.
Selection and Sorting

“My signature on my wine labels is my pledge to customers: each bottle contains solely impeccable grapes grown in wholesome soils.”

“Every year, I select the grapes I want to work with and base my choice on the vineyards they grow in. If the fruit isn’t perfect, I simply don’t make the wine”. Elena is frank and to the point when she illustrates the steps that lead to the creation of her collection. She personally tastes the grapes in the different vineyards on all three family estates and chooses the finest. The fruit is then hand-harvested and sorted twice: first in the vineyard and then in the winery.